Handling Dry Ice

Dry Ice for Frozen Rodents

Your frozen mice and frozen rats are shipped with appropriately sized blocks of dry ice depending on your location of receipt.

Caution should always be taken when handling the dry ice included with your box of frozen feeder rodents.  

  • Dry Ice temperature is approximately -109 degrees and can irritate or damage skin if handled without the proper personal protection.  
  • It is recommended to not handle any dry ice product without the use of thick insulated gloves, tongs, or leave in the shipping box.
  • Dry ice starts to sublimate and release Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas when exposed to air and higher temperatures.  
  • Do not leave your dry ice in a non-ventilated or confined space.  It is best to place the dry ice outdoors or a well ventilated room once your frozen rodents are unpacked.
  • Do not store any dry ice in a sealed container, garbage can, etc. as pressure can build up due to offgassing.
  • Never handle dry ice with bare skin.
  • Do not place dry ice into a sink or toilet as dry ice can damage plumbing.
  • Keep out of reach of small children at all times.