Frozen Rats: Your Size Guide to Frozen Feeder Rats for Sale

Frozen Rats: Your Size Guide to Frozen Feeder Rats for Sale


Frozen Rats: Your Frozen Feeder Rats Sizing Guide

Choose Frozen Feeder Rats for Quality Nutrition: An All-Size Guide on Frozen Rats

When you're in search of quality nutrition for your beloved pets, choosing frozen rats as their main course is an effective strategy. Frozen feeder rats have gained popularity as they provide a high source of nutrition, making them the preferred food choice for carnivorous pets. Frozen feeders comes in different sizes, perfect for small and large animals alike. They are packaged in resealable bags and insulated boxes, ensuring they are frozen and fresh upon delivery.

Among the many feeder options available in the market, Polar Rodents is a one-stop online destination for your needs—providing excellent animal nutrition with their frozen rats for sale. The amount of benefits and nutrients that frozen rats offer is greater than most prey items. Plus, buying in bulk gives you discounts and various sale options with specialized accounts.

Whether you're in search of high quality feeders for your reptiles, birds of prey, arachnids, or other carnivorous pets, frozen rats from Polar Rodents are the way to go. Bring the best nutrition to your pets with our frozen rats as they are clean, safe, convenient, and cost-effective. Strive to feed your pet the most nutritious diet, choosing only the best frozen rats out there. 

The next time you're on a search for the best quality feeder, think of the incredible benefits frozen rats bring. After all, it's about making the right choice when it comes to your pet's nutrition and well-being.


Selecting the right feeder rat size for your snake is an essential aspect of responsible reptile care. By considering your snake's size and developmental stage, you can offer prey that promotes overall growth and vitality. 

Large Rat

Understanding the Nutrition and Size Differences of Frozen Pinky Rats, Medium Rats, Large Rats, etc.

Understanding the nutrition and size differences of frozen rats is an essential factor that pet owners need to consider. Rats, specifically feeder rats, are often used as a primary meal source for many animals. Whether you're searching for a rat pup, small rats, medium rats, or large rats, knowing what to look for can make a difference in the health of your pet.

Rat nutrition value varies depending on their size. For instance, rat pups are packed with high amounts of necessary protein, vitamins and minerals, making them a great meal for smaller animals. Small rats, on the other hand, are ideal for young or medium-sized reptiles. They have less fat and more muscle tissue, offering pets a balanced nutrition.

Medium rats are a good source of nutrition for large carnivores, like snakes, especially adult female ball pythons. They provide a good amount of nutrition, and their increased weight ensures that your pet gets maximum nutrition after every feed. Large rats are best suited for larger snakes and large avian  predators that require plenty of nutrition to keep up with their food intake needs. 

At Polar Rodents, we provide a variety of frozen rats sizes to meet your animal's dietary needs. Our boxes are designed to protect the integrity of frozen rats during shipping. We ensure quality of each animal by ensuring humane handling before and during the freezing process. So, if you're in search of high-quality, nutritious frozen rats, search no further. Polar Rodents have got you covered.

Jumbo rat

Feeder Rat Size Table

With a variety of sizes to select from, Polar Rodents' feeder rat size table is the practical solution in determining the right serving sizes for your pets. Pinky rats are an appropriate choice for reptiles or birds of prey which are relatively young or small themselves. At only a few days old, these pinky rats offer a gentle introduction to rodent-based nutrition. As your pet grows, rat pups can be introduced into their diet, offering slightly more substance than their pinky counterparts.

Moving up the feeder rat size table, you'll soon encounter fuzzy rats. Fuzzy rats, while a little larger than pups, still embody a manageable size for many growing animals. It's essential to note that at this stage, the nutritional content begins to increase, offering more protein and other nutrients to support your pet's development.

Then you have weaned rats - these small rats are a perfect choice for animals in a middle growth stage. And for those with larger pets, our table will guide you towards medium rats or large rats. These feeder rats ensure that even the most moderately sized snakes, reptiles, or birds of prey will receive the appropriate nutrition.

Before presenting feeder rats to your snake, take a moment to assess its size. Selecting an appropriate prey size ensures not only a balanced diet but also prevents potential health issues. Start by identifying the thickest part of your snake's body and choose a prey item with a similar circumference. This approach helps in preventing regurgitation and promotes healthy digestion.

If you're uncertain about the perfect size for your snake, we suggest opting for a slightly smaller size rather than a larger one. 

Regardless of your pet's individual needs, the importance of choosing frozen feeder rats of suitable size cannot be overstated. By understanding your pet's size and nutritional needs, you can select the fitting type of rats from our detailed feeder rat size table. Keep in mind that feeder rats are a pillar of many pets' diets and play a significant role in their longevity and wellbeing.

To assist you in selecting the right prey size, we've categorized feeder rats into various stages of development:



Length (in)

Weight (g)


2.00 - 2.25















5.25 - 5.50






8.00+ 200-250

Jumbo (Colossal)




At, we understand the significance of providing a balanced diet for your pet. Our range of feeder rat sizes ensures that you can supply your pet’s specific needs at every stage of its development. With a commitment to delivering healthy and appropriately sized prey, we aim to contribute to the well-being of your beloved reptile.

Selecting the right feeder rat size for your snake is an essential aspect of responsible reptile care. By considering your snake's size and developmental stage, you can offer prey that promotes healthy digestion and overall vitality. Visit to explore the variety of feeder rat sizes.

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